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By jammerh
August 7, 2007

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I see no reason to argue with anyone who has become disenchanted with Johnson & Johnson - except to suggest that anyone can change his, or her mind.

I'd also like to remind everyone that five years ago we were going through a similar process:

Here was my response then:

Yes, those outlining the case for the negative have changed, and it can be particularly disconcerting when someone who has consistently made the case for the positive suddenly turns cold on a stock:

But the fact that someone - even a highly valued contributor - has changed his, or her mind about a company doesn't mean JNJ has suddenly become a bad investment.

I prefer to remember fine posts like this from someone who used to be known to us as both Cogitarius and (before that) Badsin:

Emphasizing JNJ's 'Stellar Performance' in 2002:

Looking Ahead With JNJ:

Criticizing my own negative thoughts as recently as October of last year:

Claiming JNJ Is Numero Uno:

Praising The 'Gift Horse' In April Of 2004:

Praising JNJ's 'Trustworthiness' In 2003:

What I Like About JNJ 2004:

"JNJ Isn't Slowing. It's Actually Getting Stronger (2002)":

JNJ's 'Team Of Nice Guys' (who) '...really hit hard' (2002):

JNJ is an innovative, well managed, top quality company. That's not to say it is perfect. JNJ definitely has flaws and from time to time will take hits from developments beyond the control of management. This doesn't make it a bad investment. And it doesn't mean the company has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

Good companies don't become bad companies because bad things happen to them:

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