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By Chinamover
January 8, 2008

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I've sensed a lot of concern over a big pharma snatching up ACUS on the cheap. I've never seen this happen to a biotech before and wondered just how a big pharma company would go about it in this case? My experience outside of the biotech world would indicate that as soon as the pharma passed a certain point and had to declare their ownership and intent then it depended on the types of investors in the company being acquired.

What types of managers are running the institutional investments?
What types of fund managers?
What about the core group of individual investors? That hazy 47%?

My feeling after watching this board for over a year now is that most of us learned enough about this stock to make a bet. We all mostly bet on a payoff that's in our mind's eye. Most of the old timers on this board don't even want to talk about the stock anymore, as they've made their decision/bet. When something really happens, then the posts will start flying again I'm sure.

Now, the institutionals saw this stock as dead money for a year back in August and have been selling off up to 08. A big pharma could establish their position cheaply by picking up the ebb and flow of the market for ACUS right now. But what happens when their intent becomes known? Are the rest of the investors beyond that 6% to 8% float willing to sell out at $1.50? Probably only the ones that bought in at .63 but I'm not sure that even they would be that silly as they made their bet too. Maybe I'm wrong about the temperament of the majority of investors in this company, but my feeling is that from the owners of the company on down to the smaller investors, you won't see too many sell the bulk of their stock before the dice stops rolling.