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By GardenStateFool
February 6, 2008

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I really don't care what car my neighbor drives or where they have their hair done, and I know my immediate family feels the same way. I'd be interested how you all look at "the Jones family" and their material possessions.

Today? I'm asking: "What about ME?" and meaning it. I'm fed up.

I live in what I consider a modest house. At the moment, I don't really care whether or not anyone else considers it modest, I don't need the whole "more modest than thou" shtick.

In my town, it's modest. In all of the towns surrounding me, it's modest.

I don't really care what I drive, I don't get my hair "done" (though I will get it "cut") at all, but I want a nicer house.

I am resigned to the fact that I won't have one because it's not fiscally responsible, and I have always, always, always been fiscally responsible.

However, on Super Tuesday, all I am hearing on the radio is how we need to "HELP" all those who were not fiscally responsible and make sure the poor dears don't lose the ridiculously big, brand new houses that they bought and took money out of so they could furnish, etc., etc., etc.

And at the end of it, if the "help" has its way, they will still be living in ridiculously big houses and I will still be living in my modest house with no one who even WANTS to "help" me because I have


So what does all the not-keeping-up-with-the-Jones get you?

Apparently, it gets the Joneses whatever the heck they want, because the Joneses will get bailed out.