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By FloridaBuilder
April 14, 2008

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I am now one week into my blogger's strike....  I refuse to blog or comment until the bulls come back to the negotiation table and return the equity that I have lost in both my SKF and FXP positions.  Currently down 15% on average.

Today, I am in solidarity with my American Axle brothers who are also striking across the nation....  Only through a blogger and stock trading strike can the brown bears bring Wall Street bulls to their knees and stop the insane pumping going on in the equity markets....  Didn't the MBS market and the bond insurers lose hundreds of billions of dollars because downside risk was not priced into the financial instruments? 

So am I to believe that the homebuilders and financials have risk priced into their current valuations?  Risk of an economic slowdown greater than 6 months, risk of more write offs, risk of equity injections that dilute current shareholder value? Risk of a continuation of falling home prices?

I don't think so...

There have been many epic battles in history in which the underdog laid claim to victory... David vs. Goliath, Buster Douglas vs. Mike Tyson, Francisco Pizarro vs. the 80,000 man Incan army, Tweety vs. Sylvester.............

Floridabuilder will join this short list of victorious underdogs...mind you, giving up trading stocks and blogging leads to painful withdrawals that needed to be replaced by other activities...such as actually doing work at my job...

If every short stopped trading wouldn't this have a financial impact on Fidelity or other brokerages?  So if you are a short, stop trading immediately and join my strike until you have recaptured your losses.

I appreciate the comments from my last blog post, but I cannot emphasize enough that I AM ON A BLOGGING AND STOCK TRADING STRIKE... including replies to comments.

Additionally, I have turned a new leaf and will be doing picks ala Gardner Brothers style... even if the market is going into the toilet faster than a couple of goldfish or the Russians paratroop into the Western US like the movie Red Dawn... I will be buying stocks long and recommending stocks long one at a time over time. The Gardner Brothers may be on to something regarding their buy and hold stocks under all market conditions... conditions couldn't be worse fundamentally than what we have seen the last 2 months and yet stocks are flying higher. No more market timing for this brown bear.

But until then, I want my 15% back that I lost.