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By FreethinkerKW
May 22, 2008

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Of the four other people working in my girlfriend's office in Key West, ALL of them have left their cars and scooters at home. Everybody is riding bicycles like the old days (1990 when I moved here.) I still use the motorcycle, but we are hearing from friends stuck with houses 30 to 45 miles away in the Keys, they are moving IN TOWN as soon as they can. We're moving next month.

One of my considerations . . . a top thought . . . is how long will it take to drive to work and how much is gas going to be in the next 12 months. I'd rather live closer to my girlfriend's workplace than mine. The motorcycle is running 40 MPG in town. Scooters suck. They pollute the air with more noise and pollution than a four stroke engine. The newest scooters on the market, electric, are going to take this country by storm: look up Vectrix on Google and go with the flow.

In Key West, premium gasoline just hit $4.75 a gallon. Give me a motorcycle which is electric and has as much torque or more (the Vectrix can probably beat most motorcycles today off the line for 1 or 2 seconds) and I'm down with it. The Harley bunch still want their loud pipes to frighten people (supposedly to save lives), but I'll take an electric BMW or Yamaha any day of the week if they learn from Vectrix.

Many of the best components in a Vectrix are made by space age US Companies. This is the kind of thing we need to get back to making in this suffering FIRE'ized economy of ours. We are no better than a Hapsburg Castillean bunch in Spain using debt to monetize our way to a false wealth, funding wars which turn against us.

Look at Germany, Japan and Switzerland, three democracies with better health care, higher wages for middle class people and surplus exports for quality products. We poke sticks at them for not having the best healthcare (wrong), the best economy (US No. 1 debtor nation of all time now) and for having no Army or Constitution to protect rights (Swiss have more guns per capita than the USA.) You want a high quality watch or pharmaceutical? Go to Switzerland where people are net savers and where the government runs surpluses.

You want an awesome high tech automobile with great mileage and super speeds on the Autobahn, or the latest high tech solar powered panels for your roof? Go to Germany where the folks are net savers, industrious, and even when thrown a whole new population overnight (East Germany) they turn it around, industrialize, and still export more than they import.

You want the highest high tech Blu-Ray technology, sound equipment, or autos? Go to Japan where there are no oil wells at all and where they export more to China than China exports to them.

People here will say, "Yeah, but look at Boeing. There's an example of the USA not losing their edge." And as Kevin Phillips points out, Boeing's newest plane is outsourcing the manufacturer of the wings to its plane. The Space Shuttle uses booster rockets made in Russia, Europe and elsewhere.

We're Wal-Marting our manufacturing base just to pay the huge bonuses the Moneyed Plutocrats from both parties expect for running the middle class into the mangroves, just so profits are up this year by a few pennies.

We are like the Spanish, the Dutch, and the British at the end of their empires. We've become a nation of "renters" who quit making stuff and who fall back on "interest" payments for non-work and non-production. Look back in History. See how Empire has played out. Luckily for the British, they did not totally dismantle their manufacturing base.

We have our bright spots: Tesla Motors. Vectrix scooter components. The solar consortium up at MIT. The tidal power consortium in Maine.

We can work our ways out of this poorhouse by leading the world in alternative energy. Yet, we choose to abuse our graduation classes by holding out gobs of huge money just to push around digital numbers to make a few extra million a year in bonuses, never mind that all this is undermining our economy. America is on the wane manufacturing wise. We need to stop this now.

Being debt addicted and oil addicted is our bane and it is the stain on the politicians' suit coats who don't tell the country the hard facts about how our heritage was sold from underneath us by honking money grubbing moneychangers and oilmen who need us to stay addicted to their perverted versions of mom, apple pie and Chevrolet SUVs.