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By TMFJeanie
June 10, 2008

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The billionaire Richard Rainwater made a huge bet 11 years ago that the long decline in oil prices was about to end, so he plunked down $300M of his own money on energy stocks and oil and gas futures.

(Rainwater may have made his call early by a couple of years but it was a lucrative bet -- vaulting him to #91 on the Forbes 400 last year with a $3.5 billion net worth.)

A few weeks ago when oil topped $129 per bbl for the first time, he sold it all. of the things that prompted Rainwater's sell decision?

A reader poll on The Motley Fool!

Yes, even billionaires get ideas from Motley Fool.
"What are you doing to deal with high gas prices?", the poll asked.
Seventy-seven percent of the respondents said they were cutting back on consumption

Source: Time Magazine June 16, 2008 issue.