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Can Garmin Find its Way?

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By whatismyoption
June 11, 2008

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I don't know Garmin very well, so my question is born out of ignorance.

Let me know if I've got this right.
- They don't own any content.
- They buy content from Nokia who will probably be Garmin's executioner.
- They sell a device that few people require and any company could sell if they so desired.
- While other people may want said device a decent mobile phone would suffice. One less thing is always great and everyone always has a mobile with them.
- The price of the devices is dropping and will continue to do so.

I must be way off base, as I can't imagine anyone investing in such a company.

Anyone who lived through the tech bubble and saw AOL(technology) buy/merge with Time Warner(content) and then saw Time Warner dump the AOL name in 2003 must realize that the means to deliver content is not as important as the content itself.

Garmin knew that, yet they fumbled the ball.

So why are you invested in Garmin or thinking of doing so? What do I have wrong? As I said I am largely ignorant of Garmin, but as the fundamental stats look good I thought I should finally have a look. Though, before doing so I decided I really needed to get a persuasive retort to belief that Garmin is a dead man walking. Anyone?

I don't mean to kick a horse when it's down. Or at least I don't want to be perceived to be doing so. For the record I did stick the boot in back in October '07 and haven't seen anything to change my opinion of Garmin since then. Quite the contrary as the number of mobiles with GPS increases and it looks clear that GPS will be a standard feature soon.

You want a bigger screen? When? In the car? Screens are getting cheaper and cheaper. Why have a device in a screen? Have a screen in your car which displays your mobile's GPS or your iPods movies.