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My 60 + Bagger in Under 2 Years

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By mapodell
July 14, 2008

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Well it was my $149 SA Membership + $199 Renewal amounting to $21,000!!!

Okay - here come the groans. I know, that doesn't count you say. I believe it myself though - but I've also suffered a 50% loss which I'll get to.

I joined in Oct 2006 when the S&P was around 1400. Today it's, well it's around 1400. Before SA, I kept 80% of portfolio in S&P index fund and 20% individual stocks. My individual stock picks never beat the index in the 5 years prior - and I spent a lot of time (and $$$) chasing stock tips and trading in and out of positions. I was a trader - not an investor. So I can honestly say that if I'd continued on without the benefit of SA and the MF Community, my portfolio value today would be the same as it was in Oct 2006. ...and yet, I have $21,000 to show. (About winning and losing SA stocks - given equal investments, it takes one 2-bagger to overcome two stocks with 50% losses.)

I still have much to learn, but SA and MF Community have given me the tools to be a more successful investor with a much smaller time commitment. Which brings me to my big 50% loss: golf handicap from 18 to 9. More groans. I'm sorry - kinda - no, I'm not really.

Things may change going forward, but today I'm sitting on a 60 + bagger. So a simple and sincere "thanks" to the MF crew and all the great posters on these boards.

Pat in Colorado