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By Hunzi
August 5, 2008

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I was in Lowes yesterday and wandered around the garden center. I was about to leave when I noticed a rack of plants marked 50% off. I see lilies. I love lilies. But they weren't priced. So I found an associate and asked 50% off of what? She looked it up and they were $7.95, so half off wasn't overly exciting.

"Oh rats. I was hoping they were the same price as the gallon perennials which were marked $3.50."

She said, "I could give them to you for $3.00 each."

Hmmm. There were 3 lilies in each pot, and similar lilies are currently $3.00 each in the bulb catalogs. I decided I'd buy 10 or so, and spend $30ish"

So I picked up a few and put them on my cart. Then I looked over the rack. All the lilies were in very good condition, the only problem was they were done blooming so it was anyone's guess what color some of them were. All the tags showed a dusty pink flower, but once I looked over the plants I could tell from the faded blooms that most were reddish, possibly orange, and a few were white. I counted the rack.

I considered where I'd put them and knew I had a flower bed in back that has the right lighting and just needed a serious weeding to be ready.

So I found the garden girl again.

"What would be your best price if I was willing to buy the whole rack?"

"$1 each"


I came home with 54 pots of lilies. Each pot had 3 lilies, a few had 4. Costs: $54. Cost/lily - $0.30.

I was thrilled and the garden girl was thrilled because she said she expected she'd have to write off the pots.

The biggest price I paid was going home and spending all day in a truly brutal heat weeding and digging the plants all in. It took me about 8 hours.

I consider it a price well paid.

Always ;-)