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September 11, 2008

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As most of you on this board are aware, my wife and I are traveling. Prior to leaving for our trip we asked if any Fools living near any of our ports of call would like to meet. The only responses came from Mr. Plunger.

We set up a time to meet, but Mr. Plunger did advise us that sometimes on Sundays the train service to his town was a bit more unreliable than normal. How prophetic his warning was, I was about to discover!

The train journey from where we were in London (Horley) to his town of Reading should have normally involved one transfer and a total travel time of about 1.5 hours......the operative word being normally....

Today it involved one train transfer and then a bus ride of an additional 1 hour 15 minutes because of a train derailment along the way near a town called Woking.

Wouldn't you know, we had left Mr. Plunger's phone number back in our room!

Now one of the very nice aspects of our Foolish community is the quality of character of those who have come to call it home. Mr. Plunger, not seeing Poz arrive at the scheduled time decided to wait around 45 minutes! Now, I'm a patient person (well sometimes I am), but I think I would have lasted only about 20 minutes or so before shrugging and walking away.

Then, after we got to Reading almost 90 minutes later than our originally scheduled time, and after we figured out how to get his number from the METAR board, and after leaving a message, he and Mrs. Plunger decided to further interrupt their Sunday and make a second attempt to meet up with this old redneck. Second time worked like a charm!

We got to meet, went to a nice little restaurant for a late lunch, and just had a delightful couple of hours together.

Mr. Plunger is a very intelligent, very friendly kind of guy and is married to a person who is obviously his better half! They both were gracious and our conversations were stimulating but, regrettably, way too short in duration.

Meeting Mr. and Mrs. Plunger was well worth any hassles experienced. It is an experience that helps me put a face to his posts, and one that I will add to the treasured moments of my life.

I hope all Fools can meet and mingle with each other when traveling, for this truly does add a lot�richer context to the flavor of the boards.

Truly well met!