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By needausername
September 18, 2008

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Just wanted to drop a quick note, letting y'all know that my net worth hit an all-time high today. Sort of amazing, considering where the overall economic picture is these days... and comparatively speaking, what lousy financial shape many people and entities are currently in.

No, not bragging or anything like that. And heck, I probably just jinxed myself.

But this is more of a *thank-you*... because I couldn't have done it, at least in part, without you guys (and gals -- with a special thank-you to Wendy for getting me heavily into dividend-paying stocks... "if it doesn't pay a dividend, don't buy it!" A mantra definitely taken to heart over these past years, and one which has served me well).

Been a lurker and poster of this board for years and years now (way back in the Mish days... whom I still follow -- and respect -- elsewhere now).

Although oftentimes many predictions made here can be a bit early (any sort of market can remain giddy, depressed or irrational longer, deeper and wider than one could ever imagine!), the fact is, many of these predictions do come true, or at least in part. And if the call is too early? Who cares! Simply more time to prepare.

This board is a great source of information, analysis and discussion on what has happened, what's currently happening... and probably most importantly, IMO, what may very well happen in the future. A lot of this stuff simply isn't talked about elsewhere (especially during the good times) -- but if it is, you can bet that a lot of it will be aggregated here into one convenient location for further dissection

What's also important, I've learned here, is that it's not only what you do -- it's also what you *don't* do (like making huge investing errors, or not being prepared, etc.).

In any event, thanks once again. And despite how a few here may sometimes criticize the board for "being too negative"... I gotta say, it's been pretty *positive* for me, monetarily speaking!

Good luck and success to all. Keep it up!