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By Windowseat
October 7, 2008

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I recognize that many people are tired of hearing the economic news, and I'm not going to apologize for continuing to post about it, but if you're tired of it, just hit 'Next'.

I think that there is still little understanding among the voters regarding the potential problems that lie ahead. (Among other concerns, those of you who are still reading, and who used to work for a giant insurance company that has a lovely symbol of an elk, may congratulate yourselves for getting out while the going was good - their stock just landed in the Negative pile. Your former co-workers aren't as lucky).

At this point no one knows what will happen. The future is an abstraction. But I came across the following speech from a time in America's past when the future looked truly desperate, and no one knew what might happen. The country had been brought to its knees, or at least one knee. But reading these words again, reminding ourselves that we have survived past crises and emerged stronger and better. I believe that we can survive this crisis as well.

Read the words, remember the state of the nation when they were said, and take heart:

First Inaugural Address of Franklin D. Roosevelt