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By TMFMurph
October 10, 2008

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Hi All!

Like most of you, I'm a long-term buy and hold investor...especially of good dividend paying/dividend growing companies....and this market crash has been a really rough one. Absolutely everything one sees on TV is total doom and gloom....there is no way out, etc. Despite my relatively conservative investment approach, I find my portfolio significantly down.

So today, like many of you, I was at the computer trying to battle the emotional side of me ( Sell everything right now...SELL! SELL! Preserve your capital! ), versus the rational side of me ( Hey, Murph! Unless you think the USA is absolutely doomed, simply continue to invest over time as you always have in great companies that are being punished along with the bad in this financial won't call the bottom, but dollar cost averaging in great companies has always worked in the long term...even during/after the Great Depression.... so long as your investing time horizon is a long one. )

And then.....I got a phone call from my eldest Son, who is expecting his first child on October 9. The news was that instead of the natural delivery he and his wife were hoping for, things had medically changed...and there would be a planned C-section this coming Monday morning.

That phone call reminded me of what is REALLY important in life-- the ability to love and be loved...the ability to have faith in the face of adversity....the ability to continue to learn, adapt and "light candles", instead of cursing the darkness...a radiant smile on the faces of the people you love.

Yes, my retirement may or may not be affected by this market crash, but you know what? I'll adapt...I'll overcome...( as will this great country of ours )...and I'll continue to focus on what's REALLY important!

And I'll be in Raleigh, NC on Monday morning looking down at the face of my newest Grandchild! ;-)