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We Haven't Given Up

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By determinedmom
July 28, 2009

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Three years, four days since I first posted here.

Back then we had $62k in credit card debt, a car loan ($24k or so I think) and a loan for almost $90k that we had used to buy some land (the land didn't secure the loan). The amazing thing was that not long before the credit card debt had been $168k!

Well, that was then. We still aren't entirely out of debt. It is at almost exactly $20k today. We sold the land and paid off the $90k debt and the car loan. We've had ups and downs over the last 3 years and made good and bad decisions (which I posted about recently).

I think the most important thing is that we haven't given up even when progress was slow at times. And, now, I can really see the debt payoff truly in sight (probably December).

As we get closer to that time, my focus changes. In one of my early posts, I commented on getting out of debt as being like a hobby. Someone took exception to that, I guess because it sounded frivolous. But really I do much better when I am goal directed. One of my concerns had been whether I could keep up intensity once the debt payoff was over.

I know no longer am concerned about that. In recent months, we have turned our attention more and more to thinking about retirement and long term plans. Retirement is certainly not imminent. However, planning for it is a main focus going forward. (And so far things look good).

Anyway, I'm still glad for the help and support I've received here through the years. Thanks, all!