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By Delwin
September 17, 2009

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Having been born in 1924, I'm a depression kid. I won't consider the depression over until unemployment improves. Back in the 1930's, fathers had to leave home to find work, leading to the disruption of their families.

Men became "hobos" or tramps and rode freight trains across country seeking work. Sometimes they actually rode on the rods below the cars. Tramps would knock on the back door and ask the lady of the house for food in exchange for work. Most of the time he got a meal. although sometimes it was sparse. I remember kids bringing their lunch to school, consisting of one biscuit and a little bit of ribboncane syrup. Mrs America was generally sympathetic to hobos, and I never knew any of the hobos to harm person or property.

I probably have a simplistic viewpoint of hard times. My viewpoint of depression is not when the stock market is depressed but when men cannot find work to feed their families.