Is the New Nano Huge?

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By corbetti
September 28, 2009

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We just bought the iPod Nano so we could video the twins and document all the major events (and cute smiles, etc.)

I was originally going to get a replacement for my 8 year old miniDV tape firewire camcorder, when the new Nano came out. I went to the Apple store, checked out the quality of the video, and decided for $179 bucks a 16 gig memory (8 hours of video) camcorder with the iPod ease of integration (just plug it in and sync up the video with iPhoto) was worth a try.

After a week, I have to say: I think this is going to be huge.

I haven't even used it as an iPod yet - just as a thumb-driven camcorder - i can hold it in the palm of my hand, just the camera/mic sticking out, almost invisible, and stop/start it with one thumb on the click wheel.

Think about all those situations where people use their phones as video recorders - the quality here is much better - for capturing incidents that make the news, get on YouTube, etc.

That this is also an iPod AND FM radio is just icing on the cake. At $149 a pop for the 8 GB version, I can see it being used by field service personnel, aspiring young journalists (are there any of those left?) and can even create whole new opportunities for business:

Imagine you have an issue at home - like lighting the pilot light or something for the first time - and your friend/relative/whatever just records themself doing it and emails you the video... yes, you can do that with an existing camcorder - but when making a video is a one-handed, one thumb exercise using a device slightly thicker than a couple credit cards... well I think this is going to be huge.