There's responsible credit-card usage, and there's smart credit-card usage. Permit me to draw some distinctions.

If you're charging on your card only sums that you can afford to pay, you're being responsible. If you're paying off your credit card bill in full each month, you're being responsible.

If you're a smart credit card user, though, you'll have done some digging to find the card or cards right for you. For example, if the sad fact of it is that you're carrying credit card debt, you'll want to have a card with as low a rate as possible. If you travel far and wide frequently, you may want a card that rewards you with miles. And if you simply use your card for lots of purchases, while paying it off regularly, you should perhaps focus on finding a card that offers you compelling rewards -- in the form of cash, even.

Take me as an example. I'm currently using a credit card that gives me 1% back on all my purchases, and on some, I get 5% back. Over the months, these little rewards add up. I recently cashed in a check the card sent me for $263 -- not bad, eh? Not only do I get the convenience of paying for most things with plastic -- I even make money on the deal.

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