Wondering whether there's any reliable place online to compare the merits of various credit cards? Read on.

One good place to start is Bankrate.com (NASDAQ:RATE). It offers a wealth of information to help you get the best deals on all kinds of loans, credit cards, and accounts. Click on "Credit Cards" there, and you'll find lists of the better credit card deals out there, including details on interest rates and grace periods. You'll also find good information at CardTrak.com.

When evaluating cards, be sure to check up on their interest rates (and whether and how long they're locked in), their grace periods, their annual fees, their penalty fees, their reward features (purchase protection insurance, cash back, etc.) For more guidance on how to manage your credit in the most cost-effective way, including how to evaluate credit cards, drop by our nifty Credit Center.

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Bankrate is a former Motley Fool Rule Breakers selection.