In the video below, Motley Fool analysts Michael Douglass and Nathan Hamilton take a user-submitted question about whether you can provide collateral to increase your credit limit.

Michael Douglass: Dalton asks, "Let's say I wanted to make a large purchase exceeding credit limit to receive bonus and points, and then immediately pay off the balance. Could this be done by showing the credit card company the cash amount of the purchase in a checking or savings account?"

Nathan Hamilton:
Not that I know of.

Douglass: Not that I know of, either.

What you'll want to do is check with your issuer. If it's an option, perhaps request a credit limit increase before you do so, because maybe they're willing to increase your credit limit. From research we've seen and from personal experience myself, credit card companies like to increase your credit limit. There's obviously reasons behind that, and you want to be careful about it. But, I would say, look at it that way. I haven't seen any instances where proving collateral, showing collateral will help increase your chances.

Yeah, absolutely. And generally, they're not going to allow you to spend above your limit. But, if you ask them to increase your limit instead, then game on.