Dueling Fools Ariba vs. Commerce One
Ariba Price (11/21/00): $72.25
Commerce One Price (11/21/00): $39.00

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Dueling Fools

November 22, 2000

Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce promises to grow and save companies huge sums of money. Want in? Which B2B "B" do you want?

This week we have Paul Commins (TMF Buster) and Mike Trigg (TMF Tonto) making a case for niche bellwethers Ariba (Nasdaq: ARBA) and Commerce One (CMRC), respectively. You'll get a sample of the opening arguments below -- click on the links to read both sides. Then read the rebuttals. Then vote. We'll figure out what to do with the dimpled chads later.

The Ariba Argument...
B2B savings will generate profits for B2B marketplace participants that, in turn, will create wealth for companies that make B2B possible. Regardless of the new economy hype, bottom-line rules still apply. The business demand for B2B networks will be directly proportional to the amount of savings they deliver. So, when we look at the B2B land-grab, it's important not to focus on who gets the most land, but who gets the best soil.
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The Commerce One Argument...
While it's important to compare these two distinct business models, the same can't be said for their financial performances, though many (including Paul) still do. Only time will tell who is ultimately declared B2B champion of the world, but -- based on its marketplace leadership -- this Fool thinks Commerce One is well on its way to declaring, "I am the greatest!"
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