1 Chart Shows the iPhone "Cash Machine"

By: Rex Moore

I've discovered what might be the BEST way to potentially profit off the next wave of the iPhone cash machine -- and it's NOT Apple.

And the timing couldn't be better.

As we all know, Apple is releasing their next iteration of the iPhone: the iPhone 8.

But let's start at the beginning.

The iPhone was first introduced by Steve Jobs on Jan. 9, 2007 – 10 years ago – and it immediately became the ultimate “cash machine”- churning out billions in earnings for Apple over the last decade.

All told, Apple has sold a whopping 1.2 billion iPhones since that fateful day.

And they did it by rolling out better and better versions of the original every 17 months or so -- a trend that some Apple investors have come to call the "iPhone Supercycle."

One chart tells you all you need to know about this money-making opportunity that comes around every 1-2 years:

Apple stock chart.

The iPhone rocketed Apple from a computer company to technological behemoth. Worth over $800 billion, the company is a stone's throw away from $1 trillion.

We could be mere days away from Apple's “cash machine” being turned on once again.

Which brings me to what I believe is the best way to potentially profit off the iPhone 8's release.

A massive Apple leak obtained by Bloomberg confirms 25 new features in the brand-new iPhone. Among them:

  • The home button is being completely removed.
  • Facial recognition to unlock your phone is a very real possibility.
  • Advanced VR capabilities.

And while these and the other new features are exciting, I immediately homed in on one interesting feature in particular.


Because this feature's technology isn’t made by Apple. They have neither the technology nor the patents to do so.

One company makes what Apple needs for the hundreds of millions of iPhone 8s that Apple will likely sell.

It took some time, but now I've got the inside scoop on everything you need to know about this company that's currently valued at just 1/160th the size of Apple.

You read that right.

This under-the-radar stock could be like buying Apple before there was ever an iPhone.

You don't have to be a numbers-whiz to understand what that kind of growth can do to a company's stock price.

That's why I hope you take a few minutes to unlock the full research a team of highly trained stock analysts from The Motley Fool put together on this developing story and discover why we could be near a turning point.

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The Stealth Way to Play the Coming Apple Tsunami

iPhone mania is back.

And there’s potentially billions of dollars up for grabs. But, one legendary investor thinks there’s a better way to play the coming Apple tsunami.

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