7 of 8 People Are Clueless About This Trillion-Dollar Market

By: Eric Bleeker


This investor has just returned from a research trip to Silicon Valley… and has a warning for fellow investors:

  • The last time he came back he put together a report on a company that has since gained over 1,000%, meaning anyone who followed his advice could have made a profit of more than 10X their money.
  • Today he’s excited about a company that is making huge waves in an industry Cisco says has $19.9 trillion potential.
  • Investors in some of these stocks have already seen returns like 988%… 1,413%… and even 3,476%.

This investor’s warning is that anyone ignoring this explosive industry will miss out on what could become one of the biggest money-making trends of the next decade.

In fact, the consulting firm Accenture says 87% of consumers don’t even understand what this technology is. With 7 out of 8 Americans still unaware, this presents a great opportunity for investors wanting in early.

But this investor also believes the company he just visited is one of the rare “gatekeepers” of this industry, meaning many others must use its technology to even participate. It’s almost like its cash register rings every time another company makes a sale!

He’s put together another report on the huge potential of this dynamic industry, and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say 5 years from now, you’ll probably wish you’d read it.

Because he works for an organization dedicated to spreading great investing ideas, his report is free today… so you can see it and decide for yourself.

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A $19.9 Trillion Idea -- Hidden in Plain Sight

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