89.5% of Americans Aren’t Prepared for this “Golden Era”

By: Eric Bleeker


Savvy investors are clamoring to get in on the ground floor of a technology many are claiming is the “second generation of the internet.”

Yet a recent study shows that over 89.5% of Americans don't use this technology on a consistent basis.

Even with Apple, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft already making strides in this industry, much of the public is still in the dark on how far-reaching this technology is.

Tim Cook has already claimed this technology is behind “the mother of all innovations” at Apple.

Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, says we’re only seeing the beginning of this technology, and we’re entering into a “golden era.”

Even IBM premiered this technology on Jeopardy a couple of years ago!

While technological advancement is expected from Apple and IBM, investors are shocked at how quickly this technology is seeping into other industries.

An executive at Coca Cola recently said that this technology “is at the foundation of everything we do.”

ExxonMobil has also partnered with MIT, to discover new sources of energy with this technology.

With this stunning technology spreading to the beverage and energy sector, it really does signal a new era in investing.

One that hasn’t been seen since the advent of the internet.

Given how revolutionary this technology is, investors are speculating it could take off at any moment, leaving thousands of hapless investors behind in the dust, if they don’t act fast.

Bezos even thinks that this technology is the “first guy up at bat,” with the game just getting started.

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As someone who missed out on the first internet revolution that saw 100x gains for Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, I want to make sure that I don’t miss out on this event.

But like I said before, this under the radar technology is poised to explode at any time, so it’s important to act now.

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