A Simple Income Strategy That Could Help You Avoid This $20T Crisis

By: Mike Klesta

Jeff Fisher

The president of the world’s largest private equity company called it the “hidden crisis” that nobody is talking about.

It’s the retirement crisis, and it threatens 238 million Americans retired or hoping to retire someday. That’s a mind-boggling 74% of the total population!

Last year the American Academy of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries tried to cover up a report showing how state and local retirement systems are using funny math to make them look more able to meet future retirement payments than they actually are.

It wasn’t until a few of the report’s authors went to the media that the organizations decided to release it, though with very little announcement.

The worst part is that even with that funny math, those systems currently are not able to meet the promises they’ve made to hard-working citizens.

The credit rating agency, Moody’s, estimates state and local governments have $3.5 trillion retirement benefits they cannot fund. And the federal government has an additional $3.5 trillion.

That’s $7 trillion in unfunded benefits – retirement income that 25 million people are relying on.

But there’s more … the unmet obligations from Social Security – owed to 232 million Americans! – total a whopping $13.4 trillion.

That brings the total unmet obligations that so many retirees will need to a frightening $20.4 trillion! Almost $6 trillion more than the entire country’s public debt.

That’s a HUGE shortfall.

With the retirement crisis looming, many are worried they won’t be able to maintain an income stream, something Bank of America reports as a top concern for retirees.

So, I’m rather excited to tell you how one unassuming investor is helping thousands dodge this mega-crisis and put cash right into their pockets.

I’m talking about consistent and predictable income like $630 … $1,275 … $3,117 … or more. The kind YOU control!

The time-tested, simple strategy I’m talking about is options.

Now I realize options can sound scary and complex, but Motley Fool Options is designed to accommodate everybody … whether you’ve traded options before or are just now hearing about them.

And to be clear, this isn’t the high-flying, fast-cash strategy that so often leaves people regretting they’d even opened a brokerage account.

Many of the strategies used at Motley Fool Options can actually reduce a portfolio’s overall risk, while increasing its income streams.

Hard to believe but true, this low-risk, steady strategy allowed a man to retire at age 35!

But … he’s no longer retired.

Instead, Motley Fool Options Advisor Jeff Fisher and his team work tirelessly to teach people how they can earn investment income that exceeds the dividends and interest payments you can earn on just about any stock or bond these days – with less risk.

So today I’d like to send you a FREE report Jeff and his team at Motley Fool Options are calling the “Ultimate Income Report.”

After reading it you’ll learn how his options methodology creates:

  1. Consistent, predictable income you control. (Page 4)
  2. A contractual obligation guaranteeing that you are paid today. (Page 5)
  3. Repeatable income that can be cashed in over, and over again (Page 7)

And a lot more, including how Jeff retired to Costa Rica in 2004 after just a few years using options for income.

Imagine entering retirement never worrying about your Social Security or pension payments, or whether your messy tenants pay rent on time (if at all!), or whether stocks are about to take a nose dive.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, you’re in luck.

Because I’ve just gained permission to share this report with you free of charge. I don’t know how long I’ll be able to offer this report for free, so it’s important you take me up on this offer soon.

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