David Gardner Has Broken His Silence on Cryptocurrency

By: Eric Bleeker


Not to alarm you, but you're about to miss an important and rare event. 

You see, renowned investor David Gardner (his Stock Advisor newsletter was reported in The Wall Street Journal as one of the best performing in the world*) revealed his next great stock idea.

And something very particular about David's pick has some investors buzzing with excitement.

Because this pick isn’t just any pick…it’s the first time Gardner has broken his silence on the controversial, meteoric cryptocurrency called Bitcoin.

And he broke his silence with the announcement of a stunning “backdoor” Bitcoin investment opportunity available to any everyday investor.

Let me explain why this is such an exciting moment.

David Gardner is famous across the investing world for his uncanny ability to pick the most explosive stocks from up-and-coming trends.

When the Internet first hit in the mid-90s David Gardner made a splash with a legendary investment in a tiny company named “America Online” back in August 1994.

David nailed the Internet’s first mega-trend… Connecting millions of Americans to the online world.

But rather than chase the next round of Internet stocks that soon appeared, David patiently waited for over three years before his recommendation on the next Internet mega-trend: online shopping.

And on September 9th, 1997 David recommended his first online shopping stock: Amazon.com. The stock traded for $3.19 a share.

Of course, today Amazon shares are worth $1,147 each and a $1,000 investment into that online play David patiently waited for would be worth $359,248 now.

Flash forward to today, and the birth of “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin is once again minting a new breed of millionaires across the investment world.

Bitcoin itself is up a remarkable 751% so far this year!

Across this time – David has been once again patiently watching this market and waiting for the right stock for investors who want the upside of the Bitcoin boom… without all the risk cryptocurrencies provide.

And today – much like after waiting those three years for Amazon in the Internet boom – he’s finally announced a “backdoor” recommendation that allows investors to invest in the biggest megatrend.

This is a recommendation that will allow you to invest in Bitcoin’s growth, without all the hassle. No figuring out how to open a digital Wallet, or hoping there aren’t any glitches in the code, or worrying about getting hacked.

The best part? With this stock, you can make money even if Bitcoin values are falling.

That’s right. As long as people are trading Bitcoin, this company is profiting. Which means you could, too.

David just released this pick…but there’s still time for you to take advantage of his prediction, because the biggest change in the crypto market is yet to come. In fact, a potentially huge change in Bitcoin trading is on the horizon.

You can’t go back and buy Amazon at $3.19, but you CAN jump on this opportunity before it’s too late. Because as soon as everyone else on Wall Street realizes which way the wind is blowing, you might have missed your chance.

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