"Next Steve Jobs" Bets $100B Jackpot on New Technology

By: Sam Barker

An android.

The breakthrough of a "terrifying" new technology has investors champing at the bit to get in early, especially a crazy Japanese businessman who's willing to bet it all on the future.

The highly secretive Masayoshi Son is prepared to go "all in" on this next technology wave.

Son is the same man who had the "vision" to invest $20 million early on in Alibaba.

That stake is now worth $124.4B, with total returns of 622,000%.

The Wall Street Journal has even called the innovative CEO of SoftBank "The Next Steve Jobs."

Heck, some say he's more forward-thinking than the late Apple founder. Son gave Jobs a sketch of the iPhone in 2005 (two years before its release!).

And his next idea is even crazier.

Japan's richest man is so determined, he's now preparing a $100B "war chest" to invest entirely in this "terrifying" new technology, which could spell huge profits for investors.

Companies like Qualcomm, Sharp, and even Apple have quietly invested in this hedge fund, touted as the largest tech fund in the world.

And as we've seen before, when the world's most innovative minds speak like this, it pays to listen.

Yet this trend has quietly gone unnoticed by millions of investors worldwide.

This could be the chance many investors have been waiting for.

But people who missed out on the meteoric rise of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook may even have a chance to secure their place in this burgeoning trillion-dollar industry.

But in this fast paced and ever-changing world, there is a limited time before this technology takes off and leaves late investors in the dust.

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