Shark Tank Star Goes “All In” On This Crazy Technology

By: Rex Moore


I always pay attention to super-smart investors when looking for my next stock to buy. After all, they’ve proven with winner after winner they know what they’re doing, so why shouldn’t I listen to them?

And now one of the world’s most famous millionaire investors is clueing us in to a potentially profitable idea.

It happened on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a simple concept: A panel of rich investors listens to hopeful entrepreneurs pitch business ideas, and then each decides whether or not to back those ideas with their own money.

One episode in particular always baffled me.

It’s the one where mega-millionaire star Robert Herjavec went all in on a somewhat mysterious new technology, giving $750,000 to two young entrepreneurs who created a gadget that… get this… connects the AIR VENTS in your home to the internet, thereby making them “smart”!

It made no sense to me…. I’m not interested in smart vents, and I’m guessing you aren't either. Really, who cares?

How many gains did I miss out on?

But something recently struck me like a thunderbolt. After missing lifetime-changing stock gains — like Apple and — I began asking myself…

What is it about these mega-rich investors that sets them apart from everyone else?

Looking back at decades of great investments I finally got it: The smart ones are able to see past the clunky, initial products that new technology always produces… products that most of us laugh at.

(It’s hard to remember now, but the first iPhones and digital cameras and online retailers were thought by many to be useless experiments!)

But the smart investors are able to look beyond the mockery and the “who cares?” attitudes and into a future where the technology matures… and suddenly we have all these products we can’t live without.

And so here’s where our opportunity comes in: The consulting firm Accenture says 87% of consumers don’t even understand what this “Shark Tank” technology is, but the average home could have over 500 devices employing this technology within 5 years!

What an opportunity that presents!

Heck, Cisco believes it will be a $19 trillion market before 2025.

Big-time companies like Google and Intel are budgeting billions to be a part of it.

Even stodgy old General Electric is impressed… it sees an opportunity bigger than the entire economy of China!

But again, 87% of consumers don’t yet understand what it is. 7 out of 8 people you see walking down the street have never even heard of it.

Here’s our chance

And we believe that presents a huge opportunity for us individual investors, especially if we get in before the crowd.

But that crowd may be just around the corner… with big companies budgeting billions and Shark Tank already publicizing it!

So, the masses will soon be catching on as this tech gets more and more popular. And I suspect when they do, they’ll be focusing on obvious names… like Cisco and Intel… as they look for their share of the pie.

But, one renegade investor in Virginia is quietly recommending shares in a few not-so-obvious under-the-radar companies BEFORE this technology really goes mainstream.

Think about how many amazing technologies you've watched soar to new heights while you kick yourself thinking, "I knew about that before everyone was talking about it, but I just sat on my hands.”

Don't let that happen again. This time, it should be your family telling you, "I can't believe you knew about and invested in that technology so early on.”

So click here before every other Shark starts buying and so you don’t risk getting left behind.

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