Three Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

By: Rex Moore


Sept. 30, 2005... that's the day my life changed. That's the day I found out that a select group of investors made a 4X return on their money during the Great Depression – without adding any new money!

I couldn’t believe it. Forever I’d heard that it took the market 25 years to recover after the big crash in 1929. 25 years of shattered dreams and delayed retirements.

And yet, here was this group of investors quietly earning an average of 6% per year, which works out to more than quadrupling their money over the 25 years.

Not ZERO return. They quadrupled their money!

The real shocker? They didn’t do anything dramatic. Or magical. Or complicated. Anyone could have followed them.

Their only “secret” was simply reinvesting their dividends.

Everything I’m saying today is verified by Jeremy Siegel — one of the greatest financial minds in the world — in his book The Future for Investors.

The best part is that his method is still available to all of us today. It still works just as well, and it's especially effective in choppy markets. (Something to think about with the market at all-time highs.)

It’s the same philosophy followed by Motley Fool Income Investor that’s earned market-beating returns for over 13 years.

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