Vermont Janitor Banks $8 Million With Unique Income Strategy

By: Eric Bleeker


I recently heard a fascinating story.

A Vermont hospital unexpectedly received a multi-million dollar donation from the estate of a local resident – one that nobody expected to have ANY significant wealth.

The man, Ronald Read, was a World War II vet, and to everyone that knew him he appeared to be a man of meager resources.

In his neighbor’s own words: “on the surface he seems like this quiet person with marginal means.”

In fact, one time a stranger paid for his meal at a local diner because he thought Read wouldn’t be able to afford it!

But Read was VERY wealthy – to the tune of about $8 million!

And to my surprise, Ronald Read wasn’t some executive big wig for a well-respected company. He couldn’t have been further from it.

His career reached its peak when he became a janitor for the local department store!

But despite his janitorial career, he held closely to a unique investing strategy that he rode all the way to his $8 million fortune.

You see, Mr. Read bought stocks that paid out hefty dividends.

But he didn’t buy just any dividend-paying stock. Read was careful in his selection because he knew it mattered.

And he was right!

A prominent financial research firm ran a major study that looked through decades of market data. The firm’s study confirmed: Dividend stock investors who know just where to look have had an 88.9% chance of beating the market.

Investors who acted on that insight – much like Mr. Read – could have turned a modest $10,000 into more than $1.9 million.

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