We know our Motley Fool members around the world are remarkable. If you've got just 15 seconds to tell us why you're a Fool, you can help us prove it!

Dear Fellow Fool,

It's one part show. It's one part tell. Here's how it works...

First, in 140 characters or less -- using your email machine and the magic of sentence completion -- tell us why you're a Fool. That's it. Just fill in the blank.

"I'm a Fool because ________."

"I'm a Fool because... I fired my broker, and never looked back!"

"I'm a Fool because... I got my family out of debt!"

"I'm a Fool because... I bought NFLX at $30!"

We're betting you can do even better than that!

Ok, that's the tell! Now for the show...

Next, if you're suitable for framing, we also want you to take a picture of yourself -- and not just any ole picture -- but a picture from some place iconic (Great Wall of China), or unconventional (underwater).

Shoot yourself out front of a local hotspot (Ben's Chili Bowl) or engaged in your favorite hobby/sport/past-time (sword swallowing)... or any place in your town/city/state/province/country that has special meaning to you (Murphy's Tavern).

Finally, if you're feeling really crazy (and can send video via your smart phone), email us a short VIDEO telling and showing us why you're a Fool. The video should be 15 seconds or less, and extra style points will be awarded for a unique setting and/or displaying some unique talent (you, juggling butter knives).

But most of all, we want to be MOVED! So please give us your best "I'm a Fool because ________."

So what's this all about?

It's simple. We're incredibly proud that you call yourself a Fool -- and we want to show you off! So we're putting together a short film of our "people" from around the world to show at Foolapalooza, our annual company meeting at Fool HQ on May 13.

Our founders, David and Tom Gardner, will be on hand to watch every submission and will pick their favorite. If yours is selected, we'd love to display it on Fool.com for all your fellow Fools to see -- with your permission, of course.

So fire up your camera and your creativity. Show AND tell us why you're a Fool. Send your emails, photos, and videos to FoolShowandTell@fool.com.

Fool (and film) on!

Ginni Bratti
Ginni Bratti
Member Experience Fool

P.S.: Remember, our deadline is super tight! All submissions must be received by May 5, 2010. Send your emails, photos, and videos to FoolShowandTell@fool.com today!