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Airbnb Is Getting Ready for an IPO: What Investors Should Know

It's been a brutal year for the travel industry, but Airbnb's results might be picking back up.


Dow Jones Surges as Boeing Reports Cancellations, IBM Signs Hybrid Cloud Deal, and American Express Eyes Kabbage

Boeing stock rebounded even as the company lost more orders, IBM was up following a hybrid cloud win, and American Express is considering an acquisition.

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Why Westport Fuel Systems Stock Just Popped 12%

The clean-fuel technology company releases its first-ever ESG report.

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Mesoblast Plunges as FDA Questions Cell-Therapy Manufacturing

The Australian stem-cell company will face some pointed questions from regulators about how it manufactures stem cells.

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Why This Renewable Energy Stock Surged 10% Today

Wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is having an incredible year, and it's building an ultra-profitable business investors shouldn't overlook.

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Why Shares of Sabre Are Taking Off Today

As airline stocks show signs of life, companies that rely on the airlines for revenue are coming along for the ride.


Facebook to Curtail Political Content in News Tab

Political sites calling themselves "news" will face restrictions.

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Why Pan American Silver Stock Sank 12% on Aug. 11

The company got hit by an analyst revision following the release of second-quarter earnings.

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Why GTT Communications Stock Tumbled Today

Some accounting problems have cropped up at the telecom company.

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Why GreenSky Stock Tanked Today

The payment tech specialist reported earnings and said it wasn't going to sell itself.

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Why Airline Shares Are Flying Higher Again Today

News out of Russia on progress developing a COVID-19 vaccine provided a morning spark for the sector.

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Disney Acquires a Substantial Stake in FuboTV-Owner FaceBank Group

The House of Mouse appears to be expanding its streaming lineup.


Peloton Makes Further Global Push With Two New Hires

With sales soaring due to COVID-19, the fitness company is making a strong bid for international growth.

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Why ZoomInfo Stock Zoomed Lower

The freshly public database operator reported second-quarter earnings.

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Boeing Cancellations Continue to Outpace New Orders

The pandemic is punishing airlines, and reducing their need for new jets.


Why MicroStrategy Stock Jumped Today

The software company has a plan for its pile of cash.

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Why Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line Stocks Are Still Rocking

Analysts cut price targets and cruise stocks go... up?

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Why Magnite Stock Spiked Higher Today

Is the company finally shaking off its track record of losing to the market by capturing upside potential in connected TV?

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Why Ideanomics Stock Tanked Today

The Chinese electric vehicle distributor reported second-quarter results.

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Analyst: Amazon Web Services Data Shows Huge Gains for AMD Chips

The chipmaker continues to steal market share from its rival.