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Why Lemonade Stock Dropped Today

Investors are abandoning this former high-flying growth stock. But should they be selling?

Chipotle e.l.f. Cosmetics

Behind the Disruptive Deal Between Chipotle and e.l.f.

The two companies have some unusual plans for their collaboration.

Fisker Ocean

Why Fisker's Shares Jumped 89.6% in February

There's growing optimism this could be a high-growth EV stock.

Cartoon characters confused by stock chart arrow falling and crashing into floor

Why Piedmont Lithium Stock Dropped Today

Piedmont is coming to America. Hurray?

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Why Stitch Fix, Zillow, and Other Consumer Services Stars Sank Today

Many investors are turning away from remote-business stocks.

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Why Tattooed Chef Stock Fell Almost 14% in February

The company grew its cash pile and delivered preliminary results ahead of guidance, although investors were probably looking at something else.

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Why Genius Brands Stock Soared Today

The children's media network made some exciting announcements.


Why Yext Stock Was Slammed on Thursday

Here's where the tech company's fiscal fourth-quarter report missed the mark.

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Why Okta's Shares Dropped 9.6% on Thursday

Fiscal 2022 doesn't look as strong as hoped.

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These 2 Stocks Are Soaring Despite Another Market Plunge

Strong earnings sent both of these healthcare stocks higher after hours on Thursday.

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Why Marijuana Stocks Like Canopy Growth and Aphria Got Trashed on Thursday

It wasn't their fault, honest.


Why Sleep Number Stock Dropped Today

The bed retailer was one of the high-flier stocks the market took down today.


U.K. Antitrust Agency Investigating Apple Over App Store Practices

Controversy continues to dog the company over its relationship to app developers.


Why fuboTV Stock Dropped Thursday

A sportsbook deal announced today didn't overcome news of coming competition.

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Why Editas Medicine Stock Sank Today

The stock was pulled down by the undertow of the broader market sell-off.


Why Fisker, QuantumScape, and Workhorse Group Stocks Are Falling Today

Here's why investors are suddenly worried about electric-vehicle stocks.

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Why Stocks Like HubSpot, Datadog, Fastly, CrowdStrike, and Criteo All Pulled Back Sharply Today

When fear is running wild on Wall Street, not even good news can help stocks climb.


Why XPeng, Li Auto, and Kandi Technologies Stocks All Dropped Today

Investors seem to be shifting some interest away from the Chinese electric-vehicle makers.


Why Invitae Stock Tumbled Again Today

The overall market sell-off dragged Invitae's shares down.

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Why Fiverr International Stock Just Dropped

Fiverr pulls its stock offering -- and spooks the market.