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These 4 Soaring Nasdaq Stocks Just Got an Unexpected Gift

You'll never believe whom these companies have to thank for their big gains.

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Weekly Jobless Claims Exceed 400,000 for Second Week in a Row

New jobless claims are still coming in at pretty high numbers.

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Why AMC Entertainment Is Falling Today

Not every day can see massive gains for the theater operator.


Here's Why Bitcoin Dropped Today

After China's crackdown on Bitcoin, a major financial institution is bearish on the cryptocurrency.

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Maybe Costco Was Right to Not Sweat Curbside Grocery Pickup

Enough consumers like the option, but most consumers don't seem to love it as much as some retailers were hoping.

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Why Moderna Stock Is Climbing Higher Today

Investors are breathing easier after the FDA's response to a potential link between Moderna's vaccine and heart inflammation issues.


Why Fastly Stock Popped Again Today

Investors appear to be changing their minds about this rising tech star.


Why Bed Bath & Beyond, GameStop, and Sundial Growers Rose Today

The rise of meme stocks continues, and analysts are now also chiming in.

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Why Rite Aid Stock Is Plunging Today

Investors don't like the company's first-quarter update.

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Why Shares of Lemonade Are Rising Today

This seems to be a continuation of volatility resulting from fears of inflation.


3 Once-Hot IPOs That Have Fallen by 40%

A lot of promising debutantes have hit the market over the past year. Let's go over some of the better ones that are now on sale.


Here's Why Arcus Biosciences Stock Is Rising Today

Investors expecting Gilead Sciences to license Arcus Biosciences' lead asset could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

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Why Eli Lilly Stock Is Soaring Today

The company's promising Alzheimer's disease drug won FDA Breakthrough Therapy designation.


Why PayPal Raised Its Processing Fees -- and Why It Could Backfire

Is the fintech giant's price hike a show of strength or a fatal mistake?


3 Tech Dividend Stocks to Weather a Potential Stock Market Crash

Rising payouts and compelling product offerings should limit the downside in a potential sell-off.


3 Reasons Comcast Isn't Buying Roku

Shares of the company behind the fast-growing streaming hub rose 5% on buyout speculation. Bigger gains await if it stays single.

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My Take: On Inflation and How It Affects My Portfolio

ARK Invest has recently released updates on its thoughts about inflation. Is it time to make some changes to your investments?

Social Security Benefits

The Must-Read Biden Quote on Social Security

Changes to the program could be down the road. When and how they happen is a bigger question.

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Better Buy: MercadoLibre vs. Facebook

Latin America's e-commerce leader has some overlap with the social media empire.


2 Ways Cathie Wood Is Betting on Bitcoin This Week

ARK Invest's rock star money manager made a pair of crypto-related buys on Tuesday.