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Here’s How Much the Typical American Saved Last Year -- How Do You Compare?

Believe it or not, these numbers are much better than they were a decade ago.

3 Ways to Decide Whether a Dividend Is "Safe"

Three Motley Fool contributors show investors how they evaluate whether or not a dividend is safe.

3 Reasons Now Is the Best Time to Open an IRA

This is an especially good time to open an IRA if you haven't done so already.

How to Save Money Fast -- Without a Budget

Four simple steps will keep you from pulling your hair out.

Roth IRA: A Great Way to Get Your Kid Saving for Retirement

Your kids aren’t thinking about their retirement, but you should be. Here’s why you should help them open a Roth IRA.

Smoke in These 7 States and It Could Cost You at Least $1.85 Million Over Your Lifetime

Smoking-related illnesses have claimed 20 million lives over the past 50 years, and they cost Americans an estimated $301 billion annually in direct and indirect expenses. But, what if these costs were just the tip of the iceberg for the average smoker?

3 Bank Stocks to Buy in February

The shortest month of the year is long on smart ideas in the banking industry.

An $8 Billion Hedge Fund Bought This Extremely Risky Stock: Should You?

The healthcare gurus known as the Baker Brothers have amassed a huge position in the orphan drugmaker Synageva BioPharma Corp. Should investors follow in their footsteps?

Duke Energy Stock Has Doubled Since It Broke Up With Coal, But is the Rebound at Risk?

Since 2011, Duke Energy has closed nearly 2,800 MW of coal capacity, which has made many investors happy. But will new emissions regulations threaten the company's rebound?

1 Chart Every Bank Investor Needs to See

A chart of annual bank failures going back to 1865.

SS card attributed

What Does Your Social Security Number Mean?

Everyone knows their Social Security number, but do you know the hidden secrets it includes? Find out about it here.

Kinder Morgan Inc PasadenaTerminal

Did Kinder Morgan Inc. Provide a Subtle Clue That Oil Prices Are Bottoming?

Gasoline demand in the U.S. appears to be picking up according to Kinder Morgan Inc, which is good news for oil as oversupply worries can only be overcome by increased demand.

Are We on the Cusp of the Next Big Oil Megamerger?

It happened once before, and the market conditions seem pretty ripe for it to happen again.

Tesla Is More Than a Car Company -- and That's Terrible News

Tesla could be so much more than a car company, but does it want to be?

You'll Never Guess Which Tech Company Made the List of Top Lobbying Spenders

The answer might surprise you until you consider the intent.

Here's What to Watch When Atwood Oceanics, Inc. Reports Earnings

Thanks to a strong contract backlog Atwood Oceanics Inc.'s earnings should be strong despite falling oil prices.

Why the War for Midsize Trucks Matters -- and Will the Tacoma Lose Its Top Spot?

Don't look now, but General Motors' Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are hoping to steal the Tacoma's top spot in the midsize truck segment.

Apple Inc. Earnings: 3 Crucial Numbers You Need to Know

Apple´s financial performance during the last quarter was truly mind-blowing. Let's look at three amazing numbers from the report and what they mean for investors in Apple stock.

This Governor Just Exposed Marijuana's Greatest Weakness

This governor, who has an intricate understanding of marijuana's challenges, exposed its greatest weakness in an interview with CNBC.

New Airline ETF Available Soon: Should You Buy It?

Other airline ETFs have failed, but U.S. Global Investors thinks it can make a new one work.