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These 3 Stocks Will Likely Move the Markets This Week

Find out why these three companies are primed for big moves.

Intuit Is Right to Fight Form-Free Tax Filing

Tax-prep software maker has been criticized for trying to keep taxpayers from participating in the tax-filing process.

China Is Quietly Profiting From the Russia-Ukraine Standoff: Here's How

The old saying is that the time to buy is when there's blood in the streets, but China interprets it as "the time to negotiate natural- gas deals is when there's conflict in Europe."

The Simplest, Nearly Painless Way to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

This method takes discipline, but it really works.


Apple Investors Should Keep Their Eyes on the Ball

Too many Apple investors are focused on the wrong information.

A Sure Sign That Housing Is Getting Back On Track

With the decline in foreclosures, home prices may continue their climb. Is this good or bad for the real estate market?

This Would Be a Monster Buyout

The likes of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola are struggling as soft-drink sales decline. Could a buyout be the answer?


Can KFC Win Back China?

Yum!’s KFC has dominated China’s fast food market since day one in 1987. But in recent years, the fried chicken slinger has suffered from health scares and competition. Can KFC win back China?

It May Be Years Before the FDA Decides on Menthol Regulations

The FDA is undertaking several long-term studies to asses the risks of menthol. This means more uncertainty for Lorillard's investors.

Your 2 Keys to Picking Winning Dividend Stocks

To pick great dividend stocks investors need to find reliable and sustainable businesses. The article breaks down how to do this.

This 1 Number Will Change Your Mind About Bank of America

Bank of America had a seemingly tough first quarter at first glance, but one simple calculation shows a dramatically different result.

Nike, Walt Disney, and General Mills: Are They Worthy Investments?

Look under the hood of these iconic companies to see if they belong in your portfolio.

The Strange Unveiling of the All-New 2015 Honda HR-V

Honda didn't tell us much, but we've figured out the details.

Are You Really Ready To Buy A House?

Homeownership is still part of the American dream, but make sure you're truly ready before jumping in.

Cheniere Energy Sabine Pass LNG

The IRS Could Be the Key to Fueling America's LNG Export Boom

Sempra and Dominion Resources both want to put future LNG export facilities into MLPs.

You'll Never Guess How You Could Buy Your Next Cup of Coffee

Is it already passe to pay with your smartphone?

The 5 Best Used Cars for Teen Drivers

With a mixture of safety, reliability, fuel economy, and price, these five cars stand out as Consumer Reports' top picks for teen drivers.

Why Low-Volatility Stocks Might Not Work in the Next Crash

With so much interest in defensive stocks, will they protect against losses in the next bear market? Learn about the risks here.

You Should Be Nervous If Facebook Tried to Tackle Mobile Payments

It's been recently reported Facebook will seek to join eBay -- through PayPal -- Google, and others in the mobile payments industry, but there is reason investors should be concerned about its latest efforts.

The 2015 Subaru Outback Is Just What We Expected

And that's a very good thing for Subaru. Here's why.