In this video from Motley Fool Live recorded on Nov. 12, Henry Ji, chairman, president, and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics (NASDAQ:SRNE), highlights what investors should expect from the biotech's COVID-19 products in months ahead. Ji also talks about the company's financial situation and its cash runway with mentions of a potential for non-dilutive funding.

Brian Orelli: What possible decisions or potential actions should Sorrento's investors be paying attention to in the next few months? What do you think is the key pivot point?

Henry Ji: I will say watch out, see whether we can get some of the diagnostic approved, which we are so far very happy with some of the best-in-class type of diagnostic tools we have, which can give us very quickly cash flow. Secondly, the neutralizing antibody gets into human testing, see whether that going to give us safety, effective readout very, very quickly. With these two combined, we're going to be able to potentially get on a table with the government. You want the people watching whether we get the government funding or not. So I think in the next few months, you want to watch the clinical readouts, you want to watch EUA approve some of the diagnostic application we have, especially COVI-STIX, and then we have government funding. We have to watch out there. We are constantly discussing how to get the funding, and hopefully, some of them coming and hopefully very soon.

Brian Orelli: You ended the third quarter with $75 million in cash. If you don't get the government funding, how long would you expect that to last? Then are you going to need to raise additional capital? Because you're not cashflow-positive at this point.

Henry Ji: Brian, we have a lot of resources and we have a lot of discussion [...] in places will bring us the cash needed.

Brian Orelli: What would those look like? Secondary offerings or some loans? What are you thinking about?

Henry Ji: We're not discussing how we get the cash. However, there's a possibility non-dilutive funding as well. So it's all in discussion.

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