Last year brought to light exciting new trends and developments in the healthcare space. Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) established its foothold in telemedicine, Abbott Labs (NYSE:ABT) received Emergency Use Authorization for its at-home coronavirus diagnostic tests, and the Pfizer (NYSE:PFE)-BioNTech (NASDAQ:BNTX) team brought the first ever mRNA vaccine to market. But what trends will go into the new year and beyond? 

Ruby Gadelrab is CEO and Founder of MDisrupt, a platform that connects digital health companies to the scientists and healthcare industry experts they need to build, commercialize, and scale health products quickly and responsibly. Ruby joined Olivia Zitkus and Corinne Cardina of's Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau on a Jan. 22 episode of Fool Live, where she offered her top three trends to watch in 2021.

Olivia Zitkus: Are you expecting more digital health IPOs in 2021? What do you think that area is going to look like?

Ruby Gadelrab: I'm going to stick to my expertise so I'm going to tell you about trends, the trends are telemedicine and virtual care, new COVID solutions for back to work, and at-home testing and monitoring solutions. Then there's a couple of other hot areas which are behavioral and mental health. I think we've all started to see behavioral and mental health be one of the really hot topics after that year that was 2020, and also fintech, and beyond fintech as well, any digital health technology that is actually starting to address health inequities or health disparities.

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