Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC) is moving the multitrillion-dollar healthcare industry online. People log into Teladoc and are speaking with a doctor within minutes. This is a massive opportunity for shareholders to make a lot of money. Are there any possible downsides to this business model? Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina and Fool contributor Taylor Carmichael discuss a possible negative with Teladoc stock. This segment was recorded live on Feb 19 

Corinne Cardina: Would you say there are any yellow or red flags for Teladoc?

Taylor Carmichael: Not so much a red flag but just something to think about is, I do think for a lot of people healthcare is about relationships and people want to be with their doctor, like, "This is my doctor, I want to talk to my doctor." You can't really do that on Teladoc. Teladoc, you click in, you talk to a doctor, not your doctor. For people whose relationship is very important, the first thing my dad said is, "Can I talk to my doctor?" I'm like "No, you really can't." For senior citizens, they want to speak to their doctor. They're probably not going to be on Teladoc.

Cardina: Right.

Carmichael: But for younger people, for millennials, you don't need healthcare as much, but when you do, Teladoc's going to be a great option for you. But I do think there is a limit to the model in the sense of, people do like relationships. They like talking to their own doctor who knows them. It just gives them a consistency in treatment and knowledge and they don't have to explain everything. I do think that is a limitation on the business, there's clearly some parts of healthcare that are not going to move online. And they're not going to admit, being quicker and faster doesn't actually help, sometimes. It's not an unlimited market opportunity. I would just think about that, too. And it's hard to put a number on it, but that would be kind of a caution flag I have. One other thing too, I do think when we get this virus under control and things open up again, there will probably be a pullback in Teladoc shares and Zoom (NASDAQ:ZM) too, I would think.

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