OptimizeRx (NASDAQ:OPRX) is a small cap with a big future. The company is reimagining the process for how drugs are marketed to physicians. Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, internet sales are really jumping, with revenue escalating 110% in the most recent quarter. In this clip, Healthcare and Cannabis Bureau Chief Corinne Cardina and Fool contributor Taylor Carmichael discuss OptimizeRx stock. This segment was recorded live on Feb 19.

Corinne Cardina: All right. Before we wrap up, Taylor, let's share our one under-the-radar pic for investors who do have a nice, healthy tolerance for risk.

Taylor Carmichael: OK. Well, that's great. Let's talk about this. This is a company, it's OptimizeRx, and their ticker's OPRX. OptimizeRx, so really quickly, they are upending the business of selling pharmaceuticals to physicians. So you have drug reps who go to physicians' offices, and they are basically, I think, just trying to remember how many there are, 80,000 pharmaceutical sales reps, and there are 800,000 prescribing physicians. So they're trying to grab like ten minutes of these doctor's day to sell their drugs. It has been the historic method of selling drugs. Well, OptimizeRx, what they're doing is they are shifting this business. They're using the internet to shift this business to online, and they have a network of electronic health records providers. Electronic health records are what your doctor's looking at on their cellphone or the tablet when they talk to you. A doctor spends about six hours a day looking at electronic health records, and OptimizeRx has figured out a way to market pharmaceuticals via electronic health records and that is where they're shifting this business. A $20 billion segment of healthcare, selling pharmaceuticals to doctors, and OptimizeRx is shifting that online. So I'm very excited about this stock. It's a small cap, a billion-dollar company, 100% revenue growth, and it's small and it's unknown. The stock, I think it was a four-bagger last year, four or five-bagger, so it's done really well. Excited about long-term opportunity just because, it's like a mini, mini Teladoc Health (NYSE:TDOC). So instead of changing how physicians, how we talk to physicians, you're changing how pharmaceutical companies talk to physicians.


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