Growth stocks finally seem to be bouncing back, but they're not all the way back. Some of the market's former darlings are still trading well below their earlier all-time highs.

Roku (ROKU -0.65%), Tesla (TSLA 3.50%), and Fiverr International (FVRR 1.15%) are clawing their way back, but they are still trading 22% to 27% below their earlier highs as of Thursday's market close. It's not too late to go bargain hunting. 

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Roku: 25% off 

It's hard not to like Roku, especially when you can get the streaming video pioneer for 25% below what it was fetching less than a month ago. There are now 51.2 million homes relying on Roku to be their streaming hub, and there's a lot of money to be made when you have a captive audience averaging 3.6 hours a day on your operating system. 

Roku's transformation from a modestly growing hardware company into a speedster high-margin platform provider has been lucrative for its early believers. The stock is a 25-bagger since going public less than four years ago. Revenue has accelerated sharply for four consecutive years, and with platform revenue skyrocketing 81% in its latest quarter, the playing field is still ripe for Roku to improve the monetization of its expanding audience.  

Tesla: 22% off

Even before the recent surge in gas prices, the country -- and the world -- was going electric. Tesla has the pole position in the electric vehicles (EV) market, and its rapid expansion beyond the luxury segment was timed perfectly. 

Tesla was able to hand over key cards for a half-million cars last year. Bears will argue that even now at a 22% discount off its peak market cap of $837 billion, it is still overvalued. Even based on enterprise value, it trades for more than a handful of the largest auto manufacturers combined. But the naysayers are missing the big picture here.

Tesla's grasp at the aspirational end of the EV market is shaking up what a car is worth to an automaker. It's not just about the initial sale. The incremental revenue of over-the-air premium updates (like shelling out an additional $10,000 to unlock the car's full driver-assist features or $2,000 for an acceleration boost) make the initial purchase a long tail of recurring revenue. Other automakers will hand off a new car buyer to the wild world of local gas stations for fuel. Tesla is there with an unmatched network of more than 20,000 Supercharger stations in prime locations.

Explosive growth awaits on both ends of the income statement now. And lucky for you, Mr. Market hit the "summon" feature on the Tesla app to get the stock to shift into reverse to make it easier for you to get into this next-gen transportation and green energy disruptor. 

Fiverr: 27% off

The gig economy took a big step up in the pandemic, and Fiverr has benefited by matching talent with talent seeker in its freelancing marketplace. Revenue soared 77% in 2020, accelerating to a feverish 89% year-over-year growth spurt in its most recent quarter. 

All of the trends are moving in the right direction at Fiverr. The 3.4 million active buyers on its platform are 45% more than it was serving a year earlier. The average buyer is also spending 20% more on the marketplace. The company's take rate (its piece of the action as the matchmaker in the middle) is also on the rise.  

Fiverr isn't just a pandemic play. Folks with digital skills will continue to relish the incremental opportunities of side hustles, and the brand's glow-up over the past year will make it the logical choice for more people looking for tasks to get done. 

Roku, Tesla, and Fiverr are great growth stocks right now. It's time to start checking items off your Wall Street shopping list.