There were 1,634 stocks listed on the major U.S. exchanges hitting fresh 52-week highs last week, but a lot of fast-growing companies have been left behind. It won't always be that way.

Coupang (NYSE:CPNG), NIO (NYSE:NIO), and Fiverr International (NYSE:FVRR) are posting strong year-over-year growth, but their stock prices aren't following suit. All three have fallen by 30% or more since their recent highs. All three are strong candidates to bounce back, because growth always gets the last laugh.

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Coupang: 35% off 

South Korea's e-commerce speedster has had a wild first few days of trading. It hit the market at $35 two weeks ago, but like most buzz-worthy debutantes, demand was stronger than its IPO price tag. Coupang stock opened at $63.50, peaking at $69 on its first day of trading. It became South Korea's second most-valuable public company by market cap, but has gone on to shed more than a third of its peak value as of Friday's close.

Coupang is growing at a ridiculous clip. Net revenue soared 91% to hit nearly $12 billion last year, accelerating from a 55% pace in 2019. The pandemic has naturally played a part in the booming popularity of online retailers, but keep in mind that South Korea -- despite a surge of cases in recent months -- has been one of the more resilient countries through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Coupang is still not profitable, but its losses have narrowed sharply in back-to-back years. The stock tumbled last week after conditions were met for a partial early lock-up release, but that's just one thing fewer for investors to worry about later this year. Coupang's growth and market dominance will bring rewards for those who are opportunistic today and patient tomorrow.  

NIO: 35% off

Another stock beginning this week fetching 35% less than its all-time high is NIO. Electric vehicles were all the rave last year, and China's market darling in this niche was a star. The stock popped 12-fold in 2020. Revenue more than doubled last year, and it delivered a record 17,373 vehicles in its latest quarter. Analysts see NIO's top line more than doubling again in 2021.

Did NIO's stock fly too high last year? There is still a lot to like here. Being a leader in the world's most populous nation matters, and it only helps that China is pushing EVs as a way to combat the country's air pollution woes. NIO has years of heady growth ahead in China, and then we get to its potential as a global leader beyond that. The stock is still not cheap by most valuation metrics, particularly in the realm of low-margin automotive stocks. You have to pay a premium for this kind of growth, and right now it's on sale. 

Fiverr: 33% off

Compared to Coupang and NIO, Fiverr's 33% haircut from its February highs is relatively tame. It's also trading higher year to date, a testament to the stock's early surge in 2021 after a monster 2020. But it's still attractive right now.

The gig economy has been kind to Fiverr, an online marketplace for freelance services, and the pandemic has made it even more magnetic to talent seekers and talent alike. Revenue climbed 77% last year, accelerating to a 89% clip in its latest quarterly report. With 3.4 million active buyers -- up 45% over the past year -- and those buyers spending more on the platform, it's hard to bet against Fiverr. 

Coupang, NIO, and Fiverr are growth stocks available at steep markdowns right now. Get your due diligence done soon. The discounts may not last forever.

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