Today's video looks at recent news from the Chinese stock market and my thoughts from a bullish and bearish perspective on the stock price movements on Tuesday, Aug. 24. Here are some highlights from the video:

  1. Chinese stocks like (JD 0.36%), Alibaba Group (BABA -1.14%), and Tencent Holdings (TCEHY -0.44%) have rallied recently after seeing solid earnings and bullish purchases from known investors. 
  2. China's cyberspace regulators have caused much of the negative sentiment toward Chinese stocks in the past few weeks. Cybersecurity reviews by China's regulators have halted numerous Chinese public companies from accepting new users. On Tuesday, Aug. 24, China's cyberspace regulators laid out two main conditions for companies going public. The conditions have now removed a small portion of the cloud of uncertainty toward Chinese assets.
  3. Investors should remember that short-term volatility works both ways. An intense green day should not be a reason to invest in assets, and it is crucial to understand that risk and lay out a plan before investing.

Click the video below for my full thoughts and analysis. 

*Stock prices used were the midday prices of Aug. 24, 2021. The video was published on Aug. 24, 2021.