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Some residents of the Great White North will be able to score their weed through a popular online delivery service, but they'll still have to bundle up in their Canada Goose jacket to get it home.

On Monday, Uber Eats announced it is partnering with cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke to offer Ontario stoners the chance to buy ganja on their phones. But unlike the requests the company already takes for liquor, dinner, and, well... people, deliveries will be verboten — and tokers will have to head down to the store if they want to get high.

Joint Asset

Even without delivery, Uber is betting its budding cannabis plan will give its bottom line a bump.

The company says it will help crack down on the country's illegal weed market, which still pulls in more than 40% of all non-medical marijuana sales in the country — meaning there's plenty of room for growth among law-abiding citizens:

  • Uber partner Tokyo Smoke has 50 locations across gigantic Ontario, but most are in heavily populated cities such as Toronto, where there are plenty of customers.
  • Orders will be ready within an hour, and customers will have to show identification proving they are of an age when they make the pick-up.

Contact High: After the news of Uber's foray into marijuana hit the street on Monday, its stock jumped 1.2%, but it slowly came down, off about a buck a share, give or take a dime.