While it's always wise to track the financial performance of the stocks you own, some companies are tried-and-true contenders that always seem to deliver or exceed expectations. In this segment of Backstage Pass, recorded on Nov. 19, Fool contributors Toby Bordelon, Rachel Warren, and Nicholas Rossolillo name three such stocks that fit the bill for them.

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Toby Bordelon: What I want to do is I want you guys to tell me one company that you don't actually need to see earning reports from on a quarterly basis. Maybe once a year but you trust them enough, you trust the company, you trust the management enough that you don't have to keep close track of them. You're pretty confident they'd be fine. Give us one company. Rachel, start with you.

Rachel Warren: Yeah. I was thinking about this. What is one company I just have that kind of trust in and it would have to be Apple (AAPL 6.12%). I'm an investor in Apple. Honestly, I took a peek at their most recent earnings report but it's always more record earnings, great result, exceptional growth, further diversifying its product portfolio. It's more of the same, which is great. It's great to have stocks like that that you can essentially check-in on now and then but don't have to really worry about all the time.

I just think that speaks to Apple's power as a company. Like right now I'm working on potentially getting a new phone. I was looking on their website yesterday.

There's that brand authority that the company has that I think also continues to drive its success. Really, no matter what's happening in the world or the market, Apple is thriving. I love that.

Toby Bordelon: I think that's definitely a good one. You could easily just look at the annual report with them and not really care about the rest of it. What you got, Nick?

Nicholas Rossolillo: Well, thanks for letting me punt on Teladoc (TDOC -0.57%) earlier, Rachel, but I'm going to bring it up now. I wanted to go with this one because I've been laughing, not because newer shareholders not at their pain this year, I get it, but [laughs]...

Rachel Warren: Painful. 

Nicholas Rossolillo: I made my first nibble in 2017. I was intrigued by the company, they have their IPO in '15 I watched for a good year-and-a-half, started to nibble.

I'm up by over 500% over five years, including the 60, 70% drop, whatever it's been this year, and I've just stopped watching because I just don't worry about this company.

We're talking about an industry that's $4 trillion dollars a year in the United States alone. There is no shortage of places for them to disrupt and for Amazon to disrupt too and whoever else wants to get into the space.

Teladoc was their first, they have a huge lead, and that's a healthcare platform, it's going to take them some time to perfect that model, but that's what they are building.

I haven't even worked at the latest quarterly report yet, I didn't work at the Investor Day yet, because I just don't care anymore, it's just, a distraction at this point, I know what they're doing and I have confidence that they will continue to execute. I'm sorry, everyone's had a rough to all of it since it started to crash, but it happens.

Toby Bordelon: That's great. I love it from somewhat unusual company, but I can see it, I can definitely see it if you trust management enough and you can just believe in the industry enough. Yeah, you do let it go for a while.

For me, I'll go with Microsoft (MSFT 1.87%) another big tech company to counter Rachel's Apple, the same deal. I don't know that I care what their quarterly results are. Being fairly confident they're going to do well. They have a nice balance of revenue streams now that when one of them starts doing not so well, others are going to do well and it's going to balance out.

You can be fairly confident that overall the company is going to be doing, pretty well, and I honestly, the management team from the CEO, down to all the senior managers, I trust them really well right now. I think they've done a fantastic job and I can't point to any one of that team and I was like, I wish that person was not there. I think they're all solid. They're all very solid. That's good stuff.