I am a firm believer in the Motley Fool Investing Philosophy, and my favorite rule is No. 3, "Invest new money regularly." As a long-term investor, I tend to put money in my account weekly, and today's video focuses on four stocks that have caught my attention. They are Advanced Micro Devices (AMD 9.06%), Shopify (SHOP 1.07%), Block (SQ 1.34%), and Meta Platforms (META 1.26%). Here are some highlights from the video.

  • AMD has recently been downgraded and its price target reduced, which could be one of the reasons the stock is down over 10% from its five-day high. Regardless of the downgrade, AMD products are still seeing strong adoption from data centers, a market that continues to be a substantial buyer of semiconductors. AMD also has a new lineup of products due to be released this year. 
  • Shopify has become one of the ultimate toolboxes for entrepreneurs looking to build an e-commerce business. On March 22, Shopify introduced Linkpop, its newest offering for creators. While Linkpop might not be the most revolutionary tool, it just shows Shopify's commitment to continuing to provide new solutions, making it more challenging for competitors to compete and for its customers to leave. 
  • Block continues to expand internationally. On March 15, it announced a partnership with CodeBase to boost entrepreneurship in Scotland by bringing Square's payment ecosystem and APIs to entrepreneurs. On March 10, it announced two new products in Ireland. On Jan. 25, it officially launched in Spain. It is important to note that gross profit in markets outside the USA is only 9% of Square's gross profit. 

Click the video below for my full thoughts and analysis. 

*Stock prices used were the closing prices of April 1, 2022. The video was published on April 3, 2022.