In this clip from "The Rank" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on May 23, Motley Fool contributors John Bromels and Jason Hall compare some key metrics for peer real estate companies Zillow Group (ZG -0.05%) (Z -0.08%), Opendoor Technologies (OPEN 1.62%), and Redfin (RDFN 0.62%). Here's how the companies stack up. 


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John Bromels: Three companies, which often get talked about together compare and look, this top graph is market cap, and the blue line is Zillow, which saw a huge jump and is still the largest of the three by market cap. Opendoor, they're in the middle at about $4 billion and then Redfin down at the bottom, just over $1 billion in market cap right now but then look at them, look at how they stack up by revenue. Here's Opendoor and Zillow, trailing-12-month revenue, $12 and $11 billion respectively, and then Redfin, much smaller in terms of actual revenue, $2.2 billion. It's tempting to lump Opendoor and Redfin together when we talk about the idea of the online realtor or real estate company but they are two very different companies just in terms of size alone.

Jason Hall: Yes they are, and they are becoming less and less alike. Three years ago, I said my prediction with these companies were going to look more and more alike and that's certainly not the case now. They're starting to head in some very different directions in real estate.