For growth stock enthusiasts, SoFi (SOFI -4.06%) might fit the bill in terms of upside potential at a compelling price. In this clip from "The Future of Fintech" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on June 16, Motley Fool contributor Jason Hall discusses why he has strong conviction in SoFi.

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Jason Hall: I think the price is very compelling. I think for anybody who is looking to own a really growth-y bank, I think SoFi is really compelling. But for me, the reason I ranked it where I did, is because it's becoming "prove it" time. This is a business that they've built the nuts and the bolts. This is the infrastructure of what they wanted to deliver the results they wanted. They own a bank. They have more control over their future because of that. They've added all of these products. Now it's time to start generating the economic results of its growth. The balance sheet is in good shape. I'm in "prove it" mode and seeing whether the sum of all of the parts truly is greater. That, for me, is where I am. For the record, this is my second largest bank holding on cost basis. I have a lot of conviction here.