Some things are high in July that you wish weren't. High temperatures and high prices probably rank at the top of the list. 

But not everything that's high is bad. Income investors love stocks with juicy dividend yields. Here are three high-yield dividend stocks to buy hand over fist in July.

1. Devon Energy

No company in the S&P 500 offers a higher dividend yield than Devon Energy (DVN -0.65%). The oil and gas producer's dividend currently yields a mouthwatering 8.8%. Devon has rewarded shareholders with dividends for 29 consecutive years.

That's not the only way the company has rewarded shareholders, though. Last year, Devon's share price skyrocketed by nearly 179%. So far in 2022, the stock is up close to 30% -- a much better performance than the major market indexes have delivered.

Devon's year-to-date gain isn't nearly as great as it was just a few weeks ago. OPEC's decision to boost oil production was partly to blame for the decline. However, Devon could easily return to its winning ways.

European Union nations plan to ban more than two-thirds of Russian oil imports by the end of 2022. This could cause oil prices to remain at high levels for a long time to come.

Devon CEO Rick Muncreif believes the energy industry is only in the early stages of "a structural bull market." He could be right. If so, this stock should continue generating solid gains for investors, as well as paying great dividends. 

2. Enterprise Products Partners 

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD -0.80%) stands out as another beneficiary of the tailwinds for the energy industry. It's also a great pick for income investors, with a distribution yield of 7.6%. Enterprise has increased its distribution for 23 consecutive years.

The midstream energy stock hasn't been as sizzling hot as Devon this year. But Enterprise's shares have still handily beaten the market with a solid double-digit percentage gain.

This is a stock that should hold up well no matter the market conditions. Enterprise makes much of its revenue from charging fees to transport natural gas, crude oil, and petrochemicals through its more than 50,000 miles of pipelines. Its business isn't dependent on the prices of these products.

Of course, the transition to renewable energy sources could affect Enterprise over the long term. However, the International Energy Agency projects that the demand for oil and gas will increase by 18% by 2040. Enterprise is also expanding into carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, and other services supporting low-carbon energy sources.

3. Medical Properties Trust

We don't have to focus solely on the energy sector to find great high-yield dividend stocks to buy in July. Medical Properties Trust (MPW) is a healthcare REIT with an attractive dividend yield of nearly 7.5%.

The dividend has been the main thing for investors to like about Medical Properties Trust so far in 2022. Its shares have fallen more than 30% year to date. However, this is a reflection of the overall stock market environment instead of problems specific to Medical Properties Trust.

Actually, the company's business is performing well. Medical Properties Trust's net income in the first quarter soared 285% year over year to $632 million. Its normalized funds from operations jumped 12% to $282 million.

Medical Properties Trust expects to spend between $1 billion and $3 billion on acquisitions this year. These deals should help the company continue to deliver solid earnings growth and keep those nice dividends flowing.