Not much has changed of late -- stocks have continued to get pounded in the wake of high inflation, the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes, and global economic impacts from the war in Ukraine. Year-to-date, the S&P 500 has tumbled 20% and the Nasdaq Composite, which consists of more speculative technology stocks, has plunged 28% over the same time frame.

Many investors are beginning to worry that the Fed's monetary policy tightening is going to push us into a recession in the near future. With no end to the madness in sight, investors should look to fundamentally sound companies with resilient business models today. Here's one stock you can invest in right now that will protect you from the ongoing tech sell-off.

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Kellogg runs a durable business

Kellogg Company (K 0.28%) has outperformed the broader market so far in 2022, returning 12% to its shareholders year-to-date. The multinational food manufacturing company delivered a strong earnings report in its first quarter. Total sales grew 2.5% year-over-year to $3.7 billion, finishing in line with Wall Street estimates, and earnings per share crushed consensus forecasts by 18%, surging 15% to $1.23. Its operating margin also expanded 91 basis points to 14.1%.

As a consumer staples stock, Kellogg's business has been largely uninterrupted by macro conditions because it sells essential everyday items.

The company's high dividend yield has also attracted a new wave of investors in today's unclear market environment. It currently pays a $0.58-per-share quarterly dividend, translating to a yield of 3.2%. Today an investor who owns 100 shares of the stock can expect to receive $232 in annual dividend payments, assuming the dividend amount stays constant over the course of a year. That source of passive income can prove to be extremely beneficial over time, especially during down periods in the market.

Recently, Kellogg announced plans to separate into three independent public companies focused, respectively, on snacking, cereals, and plant-based foods. This is part of an effort to unlock each entity's stand-alone potential. The snack business -- the largest of the three -- would also include Kellogg's international cereal operations. The cereal business would consist mainly of its North American cereal business, while the plant food business would include such brands as MorningStar Farms.

The spin-offs aren't expected to be completed until the end of 2023, but regardless of the fresh news, the company continues to operate at a very high level today.

Great stock to own right now

Irrespective of the company's upcoming split into three independent companies, investors should feel at ease owning Kellogg stock. The company's business is firing on all cylinders, as evidenced by its outperformance in its first quarter of 2022.

As concerns about a potential recession continue to adversely impact global financial markets, I view Kellogg as a clear market-beater for the foreseeable future. If you're searching for ways to protect your portfolio from a weakening global economy, this just might be the stock for you.