What's better than a stock that's a big winner? A stock that's a big winner that should be able to keep on winning in the future.

There are more in this category than you might think. The following three stocks are absolutely crushing the market so far this year. And Wall Street thinks they can soar at least 78% higher.

1. Lantheus Holdings

The share price of Lantheus Holdings (LNTH -1.02%) has nearly doubled in 2022. Much of the gain for the stock came after Lantheus reported its 2021 Q4 results in late February.

Lantheus develops imaging diagnostics, targeted therapeutics, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for discovering and treating serious medical conditions. Its products include Pylarify, which is an imaging agent used to detect prostate cancer, and Pylarify AI, an AI platform that helps evaluate prostate-specific membrane antigen positron emission tomography (PSMA PET) scans.

The company continues to fire on all cylinders. Its 2022 Q3 revenue skyrocketed 134.4% year over year to $239.3 million. Lantheus posted Q3 earnings of $61.2 million. It also raised the full-year revenue and earnings guidance significantly.

Even after the huge gains, Wall Street still really likes this stock. The consensus 12-month price target for Lantheus reflects an upside potential of 78%.

2. Axsome Therapeutics

Shares of Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM 1.54%) have soared more than 40% higher so far this year. The stock received a big boost with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval in August of Auvelity in treating major depressive disorder.

Auvelity isn't Axsome's only product on the market. The company picked up U.S. rights to sleep-disorder drug Sunosi from Jazz Pharmaceuticals in May 2022. Axsome expects to close on its acquisition of ex-U.S. rights to the drug before the end of this year.

More products could be on the way. Axsome CEO Herriot Tabuteau said in the quarterly conference call earlier this month that the company plans to resubmit for FDA approval of AXS-07 in treating migraines in 2023 Q3. He also stated that Axsome expects to file for U.S. approval of AXS-14 in treating fibromyalgia next year.

With strong prospects for Auvelity and these other pipeline programs, it's not surprising that Wall Street analysts are decidedly upbeat about Axsome. The average analysts' 12-month price target is roughly 90% higher than Axsome's current share price.

3. Dice Therapeutics

Dice Therapeutics (DICE) stands out as another solid winner in 2022. The biotech stock is up nearly 30% year to date. That's especially impressive considering that Dice's shares were down more than 45% year to date by the end of May.

What turned things around so dramatically for the drugmaker? On Oct. 11, Dice reported great results from a phase 1 study evaluating experimental oral therapy DC-806 in treating psoriasis. 

Some of the big gains after this positive news evaporated due to Dice's $345 million public stock offering. However, raising additional cash following a spike in the share price is usually a smart move for a clinical-stage biotech company.

Wall Street's enthusiasm about the potential for Dice and its promising psoriasis candidate hasn't faded, though. The consensus price target for the stock is nearly double Dice's current share price.

Another common denominator

All three of these stocks have crushed the market this year. Analysts think that they all could go a lot higher. You probably noticed that all three are also healthcare stocks. But there's another common denominator that investors should know about.

Lantheus, Axsome, and Dice are riskier than many stocks. Of the three, only Lantheus is profitable right now. Each of these companies faces uncertainties related to their development programs. Dice is the riskiest of the group because its lead candidate has a long way to go before it could potentially win regulatory approvals.

Risk-averse investors are better off looking elsewhere. However, aggressive investors should check out these big winners that just might keep up their winning ways.